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YAMAKOSHI, Yasuhiro. 2017-2020. Database of Basic Vocabulary in Mongolic Languages.

©2017-2020 Yasuhiro YAMAKOSHI, all rights reserved.

Explanatory Notes

This dictionary consists of basic vocabulary in several Mongolic languages. Vocabulary of each languages are based on Kuribayashi (1988), Yoshiike (2000, 2001), Yamakoshi (2003) and my fielddata. Kuribayashi (1989) contains each vocabulary of Chakhar Mongolian, Dagur, Shira Yughur, Mongghul, Bonan and Dongxiang collected and re-listed from published materials as follows: Chakhar Mongolian from Daobu ed. (1983), Dagur from Zhong ed. (1982), Shira Yughur from Zhaonasitu ed. (1981a), Mongghul from Zhaonasitu ed. (1981b), Bonan from Buhe and Liu eds. (1982) and Dongxiang from Liu ed. (1981). Yoshiike (2000, 2001) collected the basic vocabulary of Ööld Mongolian by himself, using the list of Kuribayashi (1989). Yamakoshi (2003) contains each basic vocabulary of Shinekhen Buryat, Khamnigan Mongolian and Old Bargu Buryat, also compiled by using the list of Kuribayashi (1989). The data of Shinekhen Buryat and Khamnigan Mongolian in Yamakoshi (2003) were collected by the author's own fieldwork. The data of Old Bargu Buryat was collected and re-listed from Wuda et al. eds, (1985). The data of Khorchin Mongolian was collected by Yamakoshi from his fieldwork.

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